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How I Cheat…

No one else matters as you get lost in love. Words starts to mingle, the nights get heated and your thoughts flows in all directions.

Past or present…naughty or nice. You find your self being free. Expressing yourself as you want to be. Legs spread wide. Twisting your body , moving your neck side to side. Enjoying the experience you share. Hoping your significant other isn’t aware.

Heart breaking over the time spent apart. While you sit and pour out your heart. Counting down the days until you meet again. Thinking of all to discuss. For you’re the one that put up no fuss. Snuggled with my blanket and fluffed pillow. Only you know my deepest thoughts which stays between us. He shall never find out who you are because we were destined to be. If only he knew how you make me feel. Over and over we meet again. Thank you for inviting me my new best friend.

A place where I can be. A place where I am free. Somewhere to express myself. A place that understands me.Medium.:)

I enjoyed writing this piece because ever since I’ve became a member of Medium I’ve discovered a new part of me. It’s opened up a new world for me,my own little secret. I’ve enjoyed reading and writing different articles and poetry. I find myself super excited to just sit in front of my laptop and release. My fingers starts to tap on buttons as my thoughts flows. Thank you, Medium.



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Melissa Wash

I've started my journey as a writer. Being a mom/wife/veteran/teacher/woman, my experiences have helped me to see the world through a different lens.