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I gazed through the window watching my soul depart my body

A smile left upon my face for being contented that my time had came

Suffering no more. Hurt no more.

I left those rotten walls behind that caused me to lose my mind, simply with time

I stared through my windowless window

Shades of color illuminated the sky, becoming a memory that faded away

I turned to look at the shell that housed my soul until death did us part

Memories packed away, taking my bagless baggage

Onto the next one, for this life is done



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Have you ever been hurt before? Pain all of a sudden seems neutral? You know it’s happening, but yet you don’t really care? What does that make you?

Heartless, ruthless or damaged?

When you experience hurt you never forget it and always regret it. It leaves a permanent mark on your heart and a stain on your brain.

For every hurt I have felt has left little room for love. So when you find it.. treasure it, for its all I have to give.



He sees my imperfections, but compliments it

He kisses away my pain

He gives the most amazing hugs, that’s always on time

He never for one second forgets to say I love you

He searches my face for unhappiness and fills the voids of my heart

Whole I feel again with the utters of his words “mom, you’re the best”

Contentment and happiness are confirmation by his uncontrollable laughter

His jokes of “why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side”, leaves me aware of his craft, even if he struggles to be funny, he always makes me laugh

He’s only 6, but he goes out of his way to make me feel being with me is the best part of his day

To sense such love in a lifetime from one soul, is enough for me to make me whole



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Have you ever realized that no two person are identical?

Identical would mean a replica of you, one may come close, but do not exist

What makes us who we are, besides our fingerprints?

Is it our beliefs? Ethics? Television?

People always try to imitate others, but what makes us unique is also what makes us stand out.

What makes you unique?

Out of the womb and into the world.

Beliefs paved our way and choices held our hand.

Never for one second, should you ever be unaware of how unique you are, not even for a woman/man.



Melissa Wash

I've started my journey as a writer. Being a mom/wife/veteran/teacher/woman, my experiences have helped me to see the world through a different lens.